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"Camille's writing is powerful and potent. I know I can trust her to read my mind and translate my thoughts to words!" -A.W.

"Camille is a savvy wordsmith with a keen eye for detail." -A.G.

"I love the way Camille's head and heart work together." -T.T.

"I can sense Camille's support, wisdom, voice, collaboration. I feel so lucky to have her and her brain cells in my life!" -S.B.


"Camille is professional, meticulous, and deeply intelligent. Her creativity and talent can push any piece of writing above and beyond." -A.V. 

"I've felt so supported by Camille; she's had my back." -L.H. 

"Camille is a blessing." -J.M.

"Thank you, Camille, for being an inspiration!" -M.M.